We made it!

At last, we launched our game on Play Store. Months of work, with some unsurprising hiccups along the way, but finally the game is now available to everyone for free.

That is an amazing thing by itself. Nothing compares to the thought that, anywhere on the world with an internet connection and a fairly accessible electronic device, you can just play our game.

You don’t need to know me, where I live, what I look like, or anything else for that matter. But all those nights and weekends, plugging away at the computer, now finds a place in people’s hands.

We don’t stop here. It’s just the beginning. We will take your reviews seriously and strive to improve Egg Boomers in every way possible. Let us know what you think, by leaving feedback, so we know what to do.

Enjoy it, world!  Thank you for your patience.

Now go ahead and get Egg Boomers for your Android device on Play Store.

Your friends @ HIKE Games

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